Hide Restaurant London

Dinner @ Hide Restaurant London – the new “it” restaurant where we were told it was hard to get into

We ordered (as per the waiter’s recommendation)

The mackerel, the octopus and the veal

I had a mix salad as a starter

Overall the service was excellent but it took them a long time to get the food to our table

The food was below average – keeping in mind that we love trying new types of foods

We skipped dessert


جربنا عشاء مطعم هايد في لندن – مطعم جديد و يُقال الحجوزات فيه صعبه

جربنا حسب نصيحة القرسون سمك الماكاريل و الاخطبوط و العجل و بدأت بسلطة عاديه

الخدمه جدا ممتازه ولكن اخذهم وقت طويل لتحهيز الاكل

مستوى طعم الاكل اقل من عادي لدرجة قررنا ماناخذ حلى عندهم



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