Harry’s London

Lunch @ Harry’s in London

We had the salad (with out the blue cheese) the dressing was sweet so i’ll ask for a different one when i go back again. But the veggies were super fresh and tasted good in spite of the weird sauce.

We had the burrata on a bed of beetroots which was great.

The fried zucchini was phenomenal.

I haven’t tasted the arancini but was told they were very good.

For the main courses, we had the steak which was average, the fries were under average.

We had the pasta which was super.

The profiteroles were bad.

Hope this helps.


غدانا في مطعم هاريز (امام هارودز مباشرة) في لندن

طلبنا البوراتا كانت كويسه.

الكوسه المقلية كانت رائعه.

السلطه كويسه ولكن الصوص سيء جدا (طلبناها بدون الجبنه)

الارنتشيني كانت كويسه.

للاطباق الرئيسيه طلبنا ستيك كان اقل من عادي والبطاطس نفس الشيء.

الباستا كانت ممتازه.

والحلى بروفترولز بالايسكريم كان سيء للغايه.

بس ممكن نروح مره ثانيه نطلب البيتزا والسلطه اغير الدرسنق.

ان شاء الله يفيدكم التقييم.



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